The Principle Facts Spectrum Voice-Work

ERGOSOMA - Voice-Work

Every individual voice is unique.
The work with “The Healing Sounds” offers practical app-
roach  to our different voices and moods and to discover the effect of the healing sounds.

Through meditative and expressive body- and voice- exercises the flow of energy will be stimulated. A deeper work through inward listening and feeling leads to the hidden source of power in us and connects us with the universal healing power. As physical and emotional barriers are released, this enhances unity of body, mind and soul. Also as our awareness unfolds, our perception of harmony with ourselves, with nature and with all beings, takes a deeper meaning.

This opens the door to a new understanding of peace, joy, harmony and dignity; ... since each individual and each voice is unique, attunement with the great cosmic sound is the ultimate expression of one`s Being.


The work includes
Voice-work, every kind of vocal expression, bodywork,
awareness exercises, relaxation, creative expression.