The Principle Facts Spectrum Voice-Work

ERGOSOMA - Spectrum

Ergosoma – Trainings

-  Ergosom Practitioners
   Those who are trained and certified to perform energy field 
   work-outs on the  seven (7) Life-Energy Cores.

-  Ergosom Teachers
   Those who are specially trained to teach the
   method in addition to undergoing Practitioners Training.

-  Ergosom Counselors
   Those who are trained to do counseling in addition to
   performing   Energy  Bodywork.

-  Ergosom for Expectant Mothers
    A special training for those who have Mid-Wife education.

-  Ergosom  Voice -Work
   A special training in Voice-Work and the “Healing Sounds”
   as a way to Self-Knowledge and Development of the  

Ergosoma treatment

“In silent meditation the mind-power reveals itself; in contemplation the Truth manifests its sterling quality.”
                                                                                      R.V. Tajon