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ERGOSOMA - The Principle

Ergosoma is a traditional healing method which has roots in Ancient Asia. It is part of a school of the mind called Selbstkraftquelle (The Power Spring of the Self), tought by   R.V. Tajon, a German-Filipino, born in the Philippines. This Philosophy, covering thirty six lessons, leads to harmony with ourselves, with nature and with all beings.

Life Energy is deathless. It manifests itself in various forms and colors, wavelengths and frequencies, tunes and rhythms, ideas and images.
More often than not, the interplay between the Ergo – the physical and visible manifestation of life (also called Active Life Force) on one hand, and the Soma – wholeness of being, invisible and indivisible, eternal and omnipresent quality of life (Non-active Life Force) on the other, are not moving and flowing in perfect harmony.

The ideal state of being is, when the body and mind, as the dual manifestations of life, are in a state of perfect harmony; when the Active information perceived by the senses in the Conscious Level are in total harmony with the Passive information registered in the non-sensorial realm or Subconscious Level. Thus, an enhanced, widened, and focused cognitive awareness ensues.

The Ergosoma Method is directed towards attaining this ideal state of being, to wit:

-  To link the four (4) power Life Centers together and elevate
   the   Energy Flow with the Stream of Light.
-  To release archaic and outmoded information in the cell
   memory  and  set the mind free to reach out into the fifth
   (5), sixth (6) and   seventh (7) Mind-Levels.
-  To up-grade the quality of subjective experiences into
   objective  knowledge in fostering inner strength through
   soundness of   mind and sterling character values, human
   dignity and  understanding.