The Principle Facts Spectrum Voice-Work


Fundamentally, the Human-Life-Energy has a healthy core. This inner power influences the stream of energy  that is mowing and flowing in all electromagnetic power fields inside and outside the human body. If this inner Life Core suffers, the stability and unity of these power fields’ networks are disturbed. In such eventuality Ergosoma Method sets in.

Scientific studies about Sensory Physiology  in  combination with Ergosoma at the University Witten-Herdecke GER show, Ergosoma has the following positive results:

-  inner peace, calmness and balance
-  relaxed state of body, muscles and organs
-  higher mobility and elasticity of the joints
-  better blood circulation and increased oxygen supply in
-  better cognitive awareness, mental and emotional balance
-  complimentary support on other therapeutic methods

The Ergosoma Method is no substitute for medical inter-vention. It is preventive health-care and complimentary to other Arts of Healing, scientific and traditional.  It has no negative side effects.